The simplicity of touch screen measurement with the
flexibility of Windows®. For the most demanding
cGLP/GMP Laboratories. Best suited for the
following industries:

- Petroleum
- Chemical
- Pharmaceutical
- Beverage





Dear Rudolph Team,
I want to send my sincere thanks to an amazing team of people who have helped me through several issues with our instruments. We have had a great experience with our salesperson Julio, who from the day he brought in the instrument for us to test out, has been full of knowledge and willing to answer questions.

When I asked him if he could troubleshoot a few issues we had, he not only got back to me in a timely manner but he brought a team of people to help as well. The issues were solved with a friendly phone call and I have to say, it has been a long while since I have received this type of care or concern over resolving the issues at hand and it is incredibly refreshing.

I look forward to working with the team at Rudolph in the future for many of our analytical testing needs.

Travis Ellyson
Research Associate

Your company is great to work with! You have excellent customer service. It is also nice to have the same contact people year after year. The instrument was updated in a timely manner and is working great!

I wish that all of our suppliers strived to have the high quality customer service that Rudolph does.
Thank you!
Artel USA

Hi Mike!
Thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided throughout ordering, installing and updating our DDM2911 Plus (Density Meter). As you know, we primarily employ the DDM2911 Plus to proof the spirits we craft in our distillery. In our industry, our governing body, the TTB, requires 0.02% Ethanol accuracy for testing of % Ethanol in wine, beer, and spirits for the purposes of taxation and labeling. For several months we tested the DDM2911 Plus, side by side, against the (Competitor). In the end, we found the performance of the DDM2911 Plus to be superior in a number of categories, and in the end, its accuracy, repeatability, and intuitive user interface sold us. We have, and will continue to recommend Rudolph’s DDM2911 Plus to other members in our industry. It is an outstanding instrument that comes with outstanding technical support. Thank you again for your help and ongoing support. We certainly enjoy your visits and look forward to the next time you pass through.

Ronald R. Gomes, Jr., Ph.D.



Refractometers,  Densimeters, Polarimeters, Saccharimeters  from Rudolph Research Analytical.

The refractometer, automatic density meter, Autopol polarimeter, and saccharimeter products are used globally by more than 8,000 customers in more than 80 countries around the world. Our instruments are used in the most demanding pharmaceutical, chemical, university, petroleum, sugar, food and beverage laboratories.

We offer all our instruments with industrial application specific accessories and automation options to ensure that your sample measurement requirements are met, time is saved and maximum accuracy is achieved. Our product managers and engineers have worked with difficult applications in a wide range of industries and we can help you select an instrument or system to meet your needs.

Quality, integrity and innovation with a global reach for over 50 years is reflected in every aspect of our business, including instrument manufacturing, sales and support services. We incorporate these principles into every refractometer, density meter, polarimeter, and saccharimeter we manufacture.

Thus, Rudolph Research has established itself as a Premier analytical instrument manufacturer, well known for its quality, reliability and is  NVLAP accredited . Our global network of business partners allows us to serve laboratory customers anywhere in the world they choose to do business. Our Service department  offers maintenance support, calibration services and spare parts for all our instruments. We support all of our products for the life of the instrument, with many instruments manufactured over 30 years ago and still in service today.

Customers choose our Autopol line of polarimeters, saccharimeters and accessories, our J series of automatic refractometers and our DDM 2900 series of hydrometers for accuracy, reliability, durability, performance along with our commitment to technical support and service. Please read our Testimonials section and request a list of users to find out why so many demanding labs have selected Rudolph Research.